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  HTTP Fetcher
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HTTP Fetcher is a small library that downloads files via HTTP. I developed
it for use within another project, and because I didn't find any pre-existing
software that did exactly what I wanted without hassle. Hopefully you'll find
it useful and avoid writing similar code yourself.

It supports the GET method. Anything further would involve more than
fetching, now wouldn't it? If you need more than GET, there are other
libaries out ther that would be better suited to your needs (try http-tiny,
find it at

HTTP Fetcher is meant to be small, fast, and flexible at what it does.
It's very robust, in my opinion. It's easy to use; using one function,
it can download any kind of file via HTTP. It also offers further
sophistication, allowing you control over what (if any) User-Agent or
Referrer you wish to show to the web server. Which is neat stuff, depending
on your use (testing and stealth/deception are two that come to mind).

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